Spencer is a Junior & 2-time Elite (ITU) World Champion, and a Multi Ironman Champ and had enjoyed success in all distances of triathlon racing.  He has over 20 years of triathlon experience as a champion racer, and now as a coach to champions.  Spencer prides himself on his personalised method of coaching and attention to detail.  All training programs are designed specifically for each athlete by Spencer.  He will advise you on everything from setting realistic goals to helping you select the best triathlon equipment and products.


With this face-to-face consultation program, tap into Spencer’s wealth of experience and knowledge for peace of mind. The S260 consulting plan proves that it does not need to be complicated or expensive to leverage 24 years of triathlon experience.

Perfect for: Beginner athletes who are new to training OR athletes who want those nagging insecurities & questions answered and simply wish to reassure themselves that they are on the correct training path towards success.

$60 USD per hour

*Additional travel expenses & details discussed per session.