Spencer is a Junior & 2-time Elite (ITU) World Champion, and a Multi Ironman Champ and had enjoyed success in all distances of triathlon racing.  He has over 20 years of triathlon experience as a champion racer, and now as a coach to champions.  Spencer prides himself on his personalised method of coaching and attention to detail.  All training programs are designed specifically for each athlete by Spencer.  He will advise you on everything from setting realistic goals to helping you select the best triathlon equipment and products.

The S2Black Triathlete Coaching Package

Perfect mutli-sport training package for: Athletes serious about defining their path to success who may be struggling to find a clear and executable plan for their next race or triathlon.

Training Specifics:

  • Immediate training feedback
  • Hand-built training schedules that are designed for people who are motivated to learn and succeed
  • A detailed, periodised training schedule for the coming season
  • Detailed e-mail follow-ups (discussing the weekly schedule)
  • Initiated consultations (calls / emails / Skype / text / FaceTime) each week & daily, where necessary
  • Daily training analysis, if and when necessary
  • Weekly / monthly reviews
  • Detailed swim, bike and running training sessions
  • Monthly testing to guage improvement
  • Analysis of power and/or heart rate files with simplified, easily explained breakdown of statistics and methods to apply it to future training
  • Relevant swimming, cycling, and running drills
  • Training & race day nutrition advisement
  • Mental preparation and consolation
  • Pre- and post-race analysis

$350 USD per month